Coronavirus Novel Corona Covid19 5 oct News World Cases

Coronavirus Novel Corona Covid 19 5 Oct Novel Corona Covid 19 News World Cases Novel Corona Covid 19

Medical workers engaged in corona testing of passengers at the airport in Paris, the capital of France. It is necessary for all foreign travelers coming to the country to undergo a test. – File Photo

  • Death toll crosses 10.41 lakh in the world, more than 26.6 million people are healthy
  • 76.36 lakh infected in US, more than 2.14 lakh people have lost their lives

The number of infected in the world has gone up to 3 crore 53 lakh 96 thousand 479. It is a matter of relief that 2 crore 66 lakh 19 thousand 998 people have been cured. Currently, 79 lakh 90 thousand 309 patients are under treatment. The death toll has crossed 10.41 lakh. These figures are according to

All bars and cafes in France’s capital Paris have been asked to close since Monday. The country’s health minister, Olivier Veran, gave this information on Sunday. He said that it is necessary to reduce the infection rate in the capital Paris. If this is not done, the city may face a lockdown again. So far 6 lakh 19 thousand 190 cases have been reported in France and 32 thousand 230 people have lost their lives.

Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada, living in France, died on Sunday of a corona infection. Takada was famous worldwide for her Kenzo fashion brand. The 81-year-old Kenzas was hospitalized in Paris after being infected. Takada came to France by boat in 1965 and was living in France.

‘More than 10.5 lakhs infected in 54 countries of South Africa’

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday that the number of infections in 54 countries in Africa crossed 10.5 lakh. So far, 36 thousand 319 deaths have taken place in these countries. More than half of these cases were about 6 lakh 80 thousand and 16 thousand 938 deaths in South Africa. The WHO stated that hospitals in most African countries have less facilities. These countries have more number of young people who are prone to infection. This is the reason that cases are increasing rapidly here.

Venezuela: Russia’s vaccine to be installed by President’s son
Venezuelan President Nicole Maduro said on Sunday that his son would be involved in the trial of Russia’s Corona vaccine Sputnik-V. Venezuela recently approved a trial of Russia’s vaccine in their country. Sputnik-V’s 2000 dose reached Venezuela last Friday. Maduro said that my son has told me that he wants to participate in the vaccine trial. It’s a good thing. Maduro’s sister will also be a volunteer for the vaccine trial.

Health workers resting on a platform outside a hospital in Caracas, Venezuela's capital.

Health workers resting on a platform outside a hospital in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital.

Britain: More than 22 thousand cases in 24 hours
In the UK, there have been 22 thousand 961 cases of infection in the last 24 hours. The country’s Public Health Department said that the new case is a matter of concern. New cases have been added as some cases are not available. Between September 25 and October 2, 15 thousand 841 cases were not detected in the country, in which case these cases were included in the new cases of Saturday and Sunday. So far more than 5 lakh infected have been found in the UK and more than 42 thousand deaths have occurred.

Doctors engaged in the treatment of an infected patient in a hospital in London, the capital of Britain.

Doctors engaged in the treatment of an infected patient in a hospital in London, the capital of Britain.

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