Long history of keeping the public in the dark about the health of presidents in America Donald Trump

Washington: America’s President Donald Trump has been infected with the Coronavirus and a number of concerns are being expressed about his health before the elections. Even before that many presidents have fallen ill during their tenure, but the harsh truth to note here is that many presidents kept the people of the country in the dark about their health.

Trump infected with Corona virus
While the illnesses of many presidents were minor, many of them were very serious and sometimes it happened that decades had passed for the public to discover this truth. President Donald Trump is infected with the Coronavirus, at first the White House reported that he had ‘partial symptoms’ of the infection but by Friday evening he was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center . After a press conference by a team of Trump’s physicians, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Saturday that Trump had gone through a ‘very worrying’ situation on Friday and that the next 48 hours was going to be extremely important for his health. .

The tenure of both Trump and Woodrow Wilson suffers from illness
Talk about the epidemic, both Trump and Woodrow Wilson’s tenure has suffered. Both of them tried to reduce the virus and caused thousands of American deaths. Both the President fell ill and both had to consider how to inform the public about it. The White House also tried to keep Wilson’s illness a secret.

Wilson was in Paris to discuss ending World War I, he fell ill in April 1919. Suddenly such symptoms started appearing in them that their personal physician Carrie Grasson felt that she had been poisoned. Overnight after overseeing Wilson
Grasson sent a letter to Washington in which he told the White House that the president was extremely ill.

Trump is vulnerable to Covid-19
Now 100 years come forward. On Friday night at 12.54 pm, Trump told the world that he and first lady Melania Trump were in the grip of Kovid-19. 2,08,000 people have died in the US due to the Corona virus epidemic, and President Trump has said that he has reduced the virus because he did not want people to panic. But there was a political reason behind doing this. Presidential elections are due on November 3 and he did not want the US economy to peak before the election.

Presidents keep common people in the dark about the disease
Professor John Berry of Tulane University says, “The Wilson administration also looked at the pandemic for other reasons.” Berry’s book ‘Great Influenza’ states that Wilson fell ill from the epidemic between 1918-19 and that 6,75,000 people died in America. University of Chicago professor William Howell says he is looking at how transparent the White House remains in Trump’s case. America’s history is full of such information that the presidents kept the common people in the dark about their disease and medical conditions. President Grover Cleveland feared that if the public came to know about his ill health, he would be seen as weak and because of this, he kept his illness a secret in a private ship in Long Island Sound A mouth operation was done, in which the cancerous part was removed. In 2000, this injured part was put on exhibition.

Franklin D. Roosevelt gets high blood pressure and heart disease
In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson removed a wound in his hands in a secret manner. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who led the country in times of war and recession, was diagnosed with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in 1944. They were kept on low-salt foods and were told to stop smoking as well. Meanwhile, with the election also coming, Roosevelt and the White House said that their illness is not as serious. Roosevelt won the election but died a few months later on 12 April 1945 after suffering a heart attack.

President John F. Kennedy was also experiencing pain and illness
Historian Robert Delek says that President John F. Kennedy was also experiencing pain and illness and took at least eight pills a day. At the same time, Kennedy was constantly hiding his illness. President Dwight D Eisenhower suffered a serious heart attack in 1955. He was vacationing in Colorado at the time. He was hospitalized for six weeks. In such a situation, his doctor had told him not to contest elections, that if he stays in office, then this will improve his health.

William Henry Harrison sick of pneumonia in 1841
In 1841, William Henry Harrison fell ill due to pneumonia. His illness was serious. But the White House did not tell the public about his illness. He died nine days after falling ill and spent only one month even after taking the oath of office.

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