US MP made sensational disclosure, intelligence agencies not ready to compete with China

Washington: A sensational disclosure has been made by the US House Intelligence Committee (US House Intelligence Committee) amid the ongoing conflict between the US-China Dispute. The head of the committee, Adam Schiff, has said that US intelligence agencies are not ready to compete with China.

Attack on Donald Trump
In an article in a foreign affairs magazine, Adam Skiff has said that our intelligence agencies are not in a position to counter the influence of China at the international level. Skiff is a Democratic Party MP from California. This article of his is an attack on President Donald Trump, who has been claiming that America is ready to compete with China in every case.

Seen work for two years
The head of the intelligence affairs committee said that American intelligence agencies are not ready for long-term effective activities and we have to accept this. He wrote, ‘The Intelligence Committee of Parliament studied the functioning of US intelligence agencies for two years. We saw how they kept an eye on Chinese activities and made MPs aware of this.

Disturbing conclusion
He further said that in two years, the committee talked with thousands of hours of intelligence officers. Confidential documents and confidential reports were reviewed, but the conclusion is disturbing. The truth is that our intelligence agencies are not ready for long term effective activities. According to Skiff, the US lacks credible resources and organization, which is essential to curb China’s growing influence. In the future, our preparations to compete with China are weak. We have to increase our expertise in intelligence matters.

Biggest violation of human rights
In his article, he has also mentioned the atrocities on Uyghurs Muslims in Xinjiang province of China. Adam Skiff has said that the Weigar Muslims are being held in China with all restrictions. More than a million minority camps are under house arrest. The Communist government of China is intent on ending the Weigar culture. This is the biggest human rights violation case of the 21st century.

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